Monday, 29 December 2008

Festive Round Up

Did you have a good Christmas?
Did you?
I am having a very different Christmas. Not bad, just different.
First of all, even though I love having my Hubby home for the two weeks, he has taken over the house and is like a man possessed. He always cooks etc, but he is doing all this huffing and puffing whilst washing, etc. BUT all he does it put it in piles and shove it upstairs.
I have given up and am concentrating on tidying upstairs and then keeping out of his way.
I invited his parents around tomorrow for a Lasagne and salad... suddenly he is baking and cooking all these little canapes. He is a great cook though and if I am honest he relaxes whilst cooking. ME? I hate it.
The insurance cheque has finally come through and It will go in the bank tomorrow. The garage that I bought my old car from have lined up another one for me. Slightly smaller engine, but that is not a problem to me.
The Mum and Dad issue is brewing again. I will not go into it but to say that cos I was ill and bruised, I forgot all about writing their Christmas cards for them. Did they remind me? NO, Did they write them themselves? NO, I am being blamed for them not sending any Christmas cards... and for not decorating the house for them.
I start back in my old job next week I can not wait. I love it and am looking forward to it - although I have a lot of preparation to do between now and then.
Steph worked from the Saturday after the schools broke up right up to close of business on Christmas eve, even the Sunday, - the florist was very busy. She then got loads of Christmas money and is rolling in funds now!
Matty, got an ear infection two nights before Christmas and he and I spent an eventful night in the lounge trying to settle him down - being in so much pain he was screaming. In the morning, hubby took him to the docs who said he had the most horrendous infection. So he has spent the holiday dosed up on Antibiotics, paracetamol and ibuprofen. A week on he is still getting twinges of pain. BUT is better
I am looking forward to my In-Laws coming round tomorrow. On New Years Eve, we have a friend around too. Steph is going to a party and I am missing her at times like these.
But she is growing up.

Have a wonderful New Year Everyone.....
Best Wishes for 2009

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Well school has broken up
The insurance company have offered me a final figure that is £60 more than what I paid for the car. Then minus the excess of £250.00. But am happy with that.
I wish that everything would hurray up, but with Christmas I realistically think I will get a car in the new year.
Car prices have dropped, and the garage I bought Bella from are desperate for my custom.
Fish eat fish babies
I have spent £200.00 in Asda this afternoon..... granted it included a lot of gifts
Best friend coming around tomorrow evening to have our regular special party :)
I have a quandary, I have bought an 18 piece drinking glass set for my parents for Christmas as they like a tipple , but are terrible for breaking their glasses. So I know they want this gift. However, it is made by ASDA's cheap budget range and cost me £2.40 .... YES £2.40 for all 18 glasses. SO do I wrap it like it is , OR do I unpack it and wrap it in something else so that it looks like I have spent a bit more on them?
I am making mince pies with orange pastry this afternoon. Hairy Biker Recipe.
I also have all the Xmas cakes to decorate.
I also want to make these..... I saw them being made on TV yesterday..... mmmmmmmm
Now do I make truffles or not?
My daughter works on a Saturday for a florist in a Green grocer's shop, she gave me the most beautiful bouquet yesterday, all different kinds of flowers, some are the ornamental cabbages that have been sprayed gold on the edges of their petals..It looks wonderful..... it smells of boiled cabbage!
Had to get a taxi home today from asda, the driver reckoned that I should leave the beer in the car as payment! I reckoned I should leave Matty in the car to save my sanity!! he did not agree. I rang my Hubby and asked him to be ready to help empty the car when we got home as the driver was after his beer! All very funny -except he would not let me leave "that kid" in the car, not even for an hour or so!!!
I did try.
Well have waffled enough.
Will try and take photos of the food if I can.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Sunday's Round Up... 24 hours late.- AKA Why I am NOT festive.

Normally I write a post on a Sunday morning rounding up my week.
WHAT a week last was.
Phew so here is the round up.
Sunday last: Well we left it where I was bruised and bashed and my poor car....
By the middle of the week I had Flu. I am very careful to use the "Flu " word, as I feel too many people call a common cold, flu. But I had temperatures, both hot and cold, shivers that felt so hot and yet had me shaking. At the same time the bruises became worse. The most painful part was my left leg from my knee to the top of my foot. I am not a nurse, but think that the bruises knocked my immune levels and so my poor body just decided to complain about everything. Worrying about money, I accepted work but in the end my Hubby rang in for me, by whihc point i had lost my voice. My family were worried that apart from looking at the car on Sunday morning, I had not left the house and was becoming a recluse. Truth be I probably was, but I also slept a HUGE amount.

Then I began to feel better and decided that a bit of pampering would be in order, kick me in to moving myself. So I had a long bath the other morning, "borrowing" some of Steph's girlie bath products. Looking at my legs I decided they needed so attention. However shaving over the bruises was not a good idea I thought, so I used some cream. I have used it before on my legs. But for some reason, it burnt my leg. BURNT the sore bruise on my leg. I spent yesterday in more discomfort.

Ooo and the iron broke, by which time I was laughing hysterically......

It was a long wierd week.

This week has started off better, I got myself some work this morning in a school I have worked inbefore. All fine and dandy, meeting old friends, etc. Until a 5 year old threw up infront of me!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Jo, my bloggy buddy....has kindly tagged me with this meme. Apparently she should have tagged SIX people but being so close to Christmas felt this unfair, so tagged ME.

Anyways, it goes something like this -
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

So here are SIX random facts about me.
  1. I do not put milk on breakfast cereal. Always eat it dry.
  2. I never wear socks unless it is really really cold and then I have to raid my Hubby's drawer.
  3. My MIL has three twin sisters.
  4. I have dark brown curly hair which I have streaked with vivid red.
  5. If I have the choice, I will always watch The Hallmark Channel
  6. My tastes are changing as I get older. I find that instead of choosing really chocolately options I will opt for lemon options now.

NOW do I tag or not?

I know that PBS likes memes.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


The Good news is that I have been paid today, I have had to walk to the nearest cash machine at 5:30 am to get the money that I owe my daughter as she if going to the Birmingham Clothes Show. She had saved her birthday money for today, but as she saw us struggling lent it to us, however we should have paid it back last week, but I did not get paid.

I rang around the insurance and police yesterday and the actual "making a claim" proocedure was pretty painless.

My bruises are doing wonderful colour changes, I can not wear a bra just yet as it is uncomfortable. My knee is wierd though if I turn over in bed,m I hit the roof if I catch it in such a way. However I do not have a problem walking on it.

I had a drunken phone call from my Dad last night, where he was rambling, saying things that I know are true, but actually using words that were not nice/subtle

I can not get any enthusiasm for Christmas now. Really struggling,

I am sure that once I know whether the car is a write off or not, I can make some decisions. I am not sure that the money I will recieve if it is a write off will go let us replace it like for like. I am just hoping that she can be mended.

I am supposed to be available for work today, however last night I went to bed with a huge temperature, coughing and shivering and burning up......I am now just laughing at everything!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Updated Sunday midday
Just been to see my poor car!
OOO I cried.
I am still really shakey. It looks that on impact the air bag inflated, but my seat belt broke with the force, which must account for all the bruising I have from my shoulder to my waist. I do not remember that happening. I think I am very lucky.
We got home, and then Dad turned up to tell my that my Mum is back in hospital and in emergency awaiting an X-ray.

car 001

It has a pretty dismal week really.
I have been incredibly worried about money and lack of work. Although I am not able to substantiate it, I have felt that the lack of work has been due to me making a fuss about not being paid correctly. I finally got some work on Friday morning... a morning. However it was in a school that I worked in for about 18months and so I was really happy about going back.
It was in FS1/2 Jo!!!
I then went home by way of the shops, treated myself to a nice lunch on the way. Then once home I received a phone call from a colleague who was looking for an important document and wanted to know if I had a copy(Ofsted panic). I did and offered to take it into school. After leaving I drove home. On the way I stopped to turn right and ...the next thing I knew there was an airbag inflated and smoke, and chaos... People were coming round me, but I could not speak. They asked me questions but I could not speak, only once to scream "I want to go home". I just sat there. A passing off duty policewoman stopped to help and I gave her my phone, but once she put my purse in my hand I refused to let go of it. She asked me my name and all I could say was "F F F F F F F F F F F "
So I ended up in hospital.
Was checked out.
Still refused to let go of my purse.
Eventually my Hubby arrived and they let me go home, badly bruised and very shaken.
I am not allowed to do anything, I have had to ask to stand up and potter around!
I have a huge black bruise the from my shoulder to my hip in the line of my seat belt. And my already dodgy knee is worse for wear after ramming the dash board, but apart from that I have come off really well. I still can not remember what happened.

So this is another worry, I am really not in the festive spirit of things at the moment. I just feel that everything is going wrong. No work, no money, falling behind with the odd bill, no phone that I can ring out on, we already owe my In-Laws some money, now a car to sort out .....
My lovely car...

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Last night I discovered that when I put my glasses on, I can actually see a lot better. It is ages since I wore my glasses. Am wearing them today.
I had the best nights sleep that I have had in ages last night. Hubby mentioned this morning that I looked really rested and left me in bed as he went to work. I did not get up until 10:00am !!!! What a lazy mare I am.

Argued like crazy with my agency who only paid me £400 of the £1000 they owe me. Burst into tears on the phone. I cried on the phone! Feel a prat. However, they promoised to the get the manager to ring me back.... have not done so far! I also am now not getting any work from them.

Am now feeling really low.

I have a prescription to fill.... think that I need to get it done asap as I have run out of happy pills. Have been without them for a couple of weeks now. Felt that I could manage and use the money on xmas etc.... discovered I was wrong.

Well we have three different sets of baby fish now. It turns out that we must have bought them pregnant.... I will give the pet shop people a stern look over the top of my glasses when we next go. Discovered a new use for my glasses.

I am really cold and my silly mood is making me not put the fire on, as I am the only one in the house. Stupid Fizz. Put the bloody fire on!

discovered that I have taken to talking to myself.

Discovered and justified a trip to the chemist.

When I finally made it downstairs this morning, discovered that it had snowed over night.

Yesterday I was conned into taking the children to school and drove in sleet for the first time. I discovered that car windscreens get muckier a lot quicker when it sleets.

I discovered that my water spurty thingme bob that spreays clean water on to the windscreen was frozen.

Discovered that I still do not know where to put antifreeze to stop that happening again.