Thursday, 31 July 2008

2/3 complete

Well I still love my car but am finding city driving really hard. I am not sure you know but last year we went on holiday to Scotland and a friend lent us a car and I drove it there, the first time I had driven in 15 years. Then we drove around the lake district two weeks later.
This year I hired a car and drove back to Scotland. That was the first time I had driven since last year. I have come to the conclussion that holiday driving on motorways and around pretty lochs and scenery is VERY different to Leeds on a wet humid day at rush hour.

We have been driving around showrooms looking for ideas for a new bathroom. We have a very small bathroom that is a perculiar shape. SO Iwant white . White suite, white tiles silver fittings and a dark grey to light black floor tiles and work surface. We drove miles to a warehouse that was crap and found all that we needed at the DIY store at the end of the road!!! Typical.

I bought a yellow duck watering can!

Yesterday we had all the guttering renewed on the house. We also had a new flat roof put on the small baywindow in the lounge. We also got all the guttering linked to the correct downfall pipes (including paying for our neighbour's fall pipe to be renewed!!!!). Today we have had LOADS and LOADS of rain, thunder, heavey downpours. horrendous. And do you know what? I did not need to put the bucket under the baywindow at all! NO LEAKS!!!!!
I am so happy.

A couple of weeks ago we took a loan out to pay for three things - a car , the guttering and roof repairs and a bathroom 2/3 completed and the bathroom project is now in the planning stage.

WE have NEVER been so organized.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

OK OK >>>>>

I am getting grief... OH I have so missed getting grief from the other side of the world!
The reason that I have not updated you is that I have been out on picnics.
On the First night we went to a park that we both like but find really hard to get to on public transport.... noted and famous for its ducks hehehehe
It was only the three of us as my daughter was going to a party. Anyway we walked and talked and then went to look for a picnic place we decided to drive a bit further before we ate, only we got a bit lost and ended up on the road going to home and so went home, where my daughter was because the party had been cancelled, so we all ate the picnic in our front room!

Yesterday I did shopping without a taxi, and visited my parents -without a taxi. My Dad walked around the car, sat in the front seat, and I took him "for a spin". He directed and I drove, surprisingly we arrived at my Uncle's house (my dad's best friend). Dad wanted to brag about MY car to HIS friend!!!

THEN last night we went a reservoir up in the Yorkshire Dales, the city had been really muggy all day and so being up high was lovely

This time we ate our picnic outside and it was lovely and cool and FANTASTIC

Now the down side is that not driving that often has lead me to discover muscles in my thighs ans shins that I have not used for a while so by the time we got there I had jelly legs!

Monday, 28 July 2008


ooooooooo in less than an hour my FIL is picking me up to get the new car.............

I was so excited this morning that I threw up!!!

It is worse that waiting for Santa in Christmas Eve!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

We got a car!!!

I got seriously told off by Hubby and his friend for insisting that it were green..... so it is BLUE

Blue is good.

It is a funny shape but we are looking at touring Scotland next year and even going camping (if the tent we have been given is fit for use) so we wanted something biggish.

As I am rather large ins shape and the kids are tall and getting taller we wanted a lot of leg room.

SO what we looked for was soemthing that has lots of leg room, head room , storage. A bonus was that it has really really low mileage (19000) and is only four years old.....

OK want to have a look at the kind we have got?

I looks very French to me. I should be driving home grown produce around continental country roads in it .

Thursday, 24 July 2008

I am trying to write a post every day

Really writing a post first thing in the morning is not a good idea, you would think that I did not have anything to write about.

HAHA wrong, I can witter for Britain.

Exciting things are afoot.
Years and years ago we got into debt. Unfortunately we have not been able to get any kind of credit for years -now we are in a mcuh better position and the bank said yes!!!!

We have got a three point plan.
  1. A Car!!! (cos we do not have one)
  2. Guttering and work on the outside of the house (yeah the pan can go from under the window)
  3. a new bathroom suite (we will look in the bank holiday sales and buy everything but Hubby is not fitting it until October holidays)

The car is the MOST exciting thing as I am the only one that can drive. We do not know an aweful lot about cars. A friend was going to help us look for one, but he is going on holiday this weekend and he will not cancel it - I did ask him! So my FIL is taking us to look around at the weekend..... hehehehehehe

We sat in the garden last night and picked cars we wanted. A friend came past and laughed at us.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Family "Fun"

Last Friday school broke up for Myself, Hubby and the two kids.
Saturday saw me in town buying/treating the HGS* . We bought a pair of long shorts, a hoody, and two pairs of school trousers for the Autumn term. THe agreement was that he was only trying on the School trousers.

We got home and he went to try on the new shorts and informed me that they were broken and needed returning. Apparently the zip was missing...... yes you guessed it - they had a button fly. He had never heard of such a thing. Worse still he could not do the top two buttons!

Ten mins later Hubby and his Best Friend came home and all three were pushed into the kitchen and instructed to have "Man to Man" time to solve the problem!


Now my Daughter have taken to coming downstairs every morning and the first thing she does it bop the HGS around the head. Apparently it is to get ahead for the day!
Mind you he has worked out that the best way to get on your sister's nerves is to give her huge cuddles.
Yesterday the HGS had a bath first thing in the morning, he came downstairs and his hair looked like a haystack- he is growing it long! My daughter took him upstairs dried it, covered it with some sort of serum and then straightened it... the HGS did not have a choice. It looks good, although he is now walking looking at the ceiling all the time so he can see out from under his fringe.

*HGS= 12 year old Hair Greying Son
My daughter is now 15+

Monday, 21 July 2008


I had a blog.

I loved my blog

I deleted my blog

I missed my blog

I recreated my blog


Normal service will resume ... may be just for the summer holidays though.

Come on I am at home with a 12 year old HGS and a 15 yr/acting like my mother teenage daughter. I need blogerpy* and fast.