Thursday, 14 May 2009

The bare faced cheek!!

After not blogging for a month I have the Gaul to post.... I hear you cry.

I am so sorry.... I am really!!!


and I am drunk.

And it is a Thursday night.

PHEWWWWW what a lot has happened.

Well. life is hectic. I want the GCSE season over and done with. Steffi is precariously balanced between achieving and totally flopping these exams. I do not know what the equivalent exams are in the rest of the world but she basically leave school this May. She wants to continue to a post 16 "A" level at a another local school but she has been given certain grades to achieve.

I am so proud of her , but I never in my wildest thoughts would have thought that I would be telling 16year child to STOP revising as it is making her ill. She is relentless in her study and it is affecting her health. I had to intervene last week and contact her main tutor. After she found out she was not as cross as I thought.

My position as her Mother contradicts my profession as a Teacher, big style!!!

The other bad news is that I am out of a job in September!!! So I am applying for everything and anythings that is going at this moment. I wish that prospective employers would look beyond my weight issue!

The good news is that after years of not thinking it possible, I have finally got a relationship with my sister. We are actually talking it is wonderful and the reason why????

Well after not thinking it possible, she turns 40 next month, she is pregnant. She is going to have a baby in November.... I AM GOING TO FINALLY BE AN AUNTIE!!!!

I have asked that instead of being called "Auntie Fiona" That I be called Auntie Fizz ....... even if I so sound like a antacid stomach remedy!