Thursday, 30 October 2008

Tuesday, Wednesay & Thursday

Three posts in one, arn't you lucky.

Tuesday ...
Was Cleaning but also a trip into town. With the HGS!!!
We were returning some trainers that I had ordered online for him. They arrived all packaged up but no paperwork. So I rang the company (who also have high street stores) and they e-mailed me an invoice.
I took it too town and explained that I wanted to change these trainers and told them the story of the invoice.
OK I thought this was OK and I was speaking clearly. But the invoice had the word INVOICE on the top and not RECEIPT!!!
It took 5 memebers of staff to realise that there was all the detail they needed on the invoice and it really was a reciept with a different name!

I went to the market and bought 16 meters of fabric for £16 - I now have enough fabric to make about 5 or 6 pairs of trousers for work!

All hands were on deck. Final cleaning took place as my friend was coming round for the afternoon. I do not think that she would have minded what state it was in, but I did. I only have hald a bathroom and the tools are in my bedroom etc.

We had a great time - a really great time. WE were discussing how to organise a cheap Xmas and I mentioned that I fancied buying my Hubby a fish tank but not sure now. She had one with all the equipment.... so we picked Hubby up from work and told him that we were going for his xmas presant and I took her home. He genuinley liked the idea and even borrowed a book from them and took it all home and investigated everything that was in the tank. Pumps, etc. all we need to do is a bit of cleaning, and buy gravel and fish!

Today I am popping in to see a friend and then I do not have much else so am going to do a bit of relaxing this afternoon.

Monday, 27 October 2008


I braved it
I plucked up the courage
I drank an energy drink
I girded my loins....
YES I went to tidy the bedroom no read pit of the Hair Greying Son!
Family tradition deems that on the first day of the school holidays and BEFORE they are allowed to do anything else one of them will get thier bedroom emptied, gutted and sanitized by yours truely. Yesterday was the grumpy teen, today was the pit!!!!
Mind you he must think the same 'cos as I was about to climb the stairs to my doom I am given, NO ordered with a set of three rules which I was told I had to agree to before I was allowed in!!
He is 12 years old for Gods sake!!
So I agreed.....
Do not give me that look.
For weeks I have been trying to get in there. If I had to agree to those three rules it was well worth it.....

Anyway do you think I actually stuck to them?

What rules do you think he set me?

Sunday, 26 October 2008

I have been set a goal to post every day this week!!!

Where is your mobile phone?-In the car
Where is your significant other?-Sat behind me
Your hair colour? -should be different shades of brown and vibrant red.... actually a mess and grey
Your mother? - MS
Your father? - managing
Your favourite thing? - family
Your dream last night?- didn't have time, spent all the time going to the loo!
Your dream goal?- a clean and tidy house
The room you're in? - lounge
Your hobby? - internet, cross stitch
Your fear? -snakes
Where do you want to be in 6 years? -content and settled
Where were you last night? - lovely in-laws
What you're not? - slim, assertive
One of your wish-list items? - blackberry
Where you grew up? - Yorkshire
The last thing you did? - eat a bacon butty
What are you wearing?- clothes Durrrrr!!!
Your TV? - Rugby league world cup on it.... it is 10;30 AM
Your pets? -none got enough with Husband, two kids and two fish in the classroom.
Your computer? - my solice in times of sport overload
Your mood? - determined
Missing someone? -erm.... a mum to talk to
Your car? -called Bella
Something you're not wearing? -footwear
Favourite shop? - Evans, Pier, leRedoute
Your summer?- hot and lazy
Love someone? - yes
Your favourite colour?-Greeeeeen
When is the last time you laughed? -This morning
Last time you cried? Last night- teenagers!

I will pass this on to Ex Shammikite,

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Written whilst normal ....(what is normal?)

ooooo I am in more trouble for not blogging.
Well I have always hadda reputation for blogging whilst under the influence ... I am sorry.
SOME people find it funny!
Life is chaotic.
I have joined Weight Watchers online and am doing ok. I feel that I may have lost more than the silly doc's scales say! Certain clothes are slightly looser. ANF more importantly, I can stand still for longer without being in so much pain. I think it is the pain that has spurred me on. I just thought that this is it.

I have never eaten so much fruit!
What is even more worrying is that even though I was drunk , I was still sat infront of the computer and typing in the points for every drink I had!!!

To try and stop the cravings and nervous fidgeting (when I would normally eat) I am trying to find things to do, I play silly games on facebook and have got my cross stitiching out too. Funny I do not want to spend the time doing housework!

We have half a new bathroom. My Hubby is very methodical first the new loo, then we had a hitch where we were without a washbasin/sink for over 2 weeks. last weekend he sorted that and started tiling on that wall. When that wall is complete he will turn his attentions to the new bath - which has been sat patiently on my landing since August. The pile of tools and clutter in my bedroom is going down slowly AND I am so glad that no longer have the new loo in the lounge!

Today I have been told that I am the tightest parent ever cos I will not let a certain 15 yr old go to a concert at the local university, on a school night. Apparently I am the only parent who does that AND it makes her look stupid!!

Oh Joy!
Tell me I am right .... -please

Friday, 10 October 2008

Written WhIlst pissed

Well LIsa this is aimed at you .... DRunk ... welllllllll and truely..... so forgive me. BUT I miss your input in my life. SOOOOO here is what is happening.... (forgive the typing I am trying very hard to make it work)

I am drunk.... cos I love Bacardi..... and coke
I have joined weight watchers... and already lost 8.5 pounds.... I have so much further to go... .it scares me.
I have been in so much pain with my knee joints and worried that I have permenantly injured them. . Since I have been driving I have been taking 4 pills every morning and two are pain killers and ibuofren.
BUT since dieting the pain has subsided.... not gone away but is more tolerable. I have been so scared Lisa.... really scared.
I thought that this was it.
I think it was it.... I am 41 God dam it and in so much pain and discomfort.
I doubt that I will meet my goal weight as that mean loosing over 111Kg ... not obtainable... but loosing a at least a lot of that will help me.
Think I can do it???
I am not sure.... I just want the pain to go away

Then the other reason for bieng this pissed is TEENAGERS.... i know you understand this one.... why od they make you feel so shite?
Why od they make you feel that you are not in control over your household?
Why do they make you feel that you are the baddy?
Why do you feel that what ever angst they are feeling , you are feeling twice as much?
It is really good that Hubby and I are in agreement. I did think it was just me. I was sick of being lectured by a 15 year old. My friends and collegues all say "thank goodness we had boys"..... easy option I think. I am being ruled by a 15 year old who turns 16 next month and thinks that she KNOWS EVERY THING!!!!
I am scared for her.... and yeat I admire her ....
OK I am rambling ... I am sorry to dump this on your all.