Sunday, 15 March 2009

Round up Round down

Well the boys (i.e. Matty and Hubby) have driven me potty from the moment they woke up. After buying an X-box a couple of weeks ago they are hooked. OR they watch sport. It is driving me potty. Did I say that already?
Anyway I had a real need to write a list of jobs for them this morning, I mean the sun was shinning, the birds were singing and they sat down at turned the TV on. So after a brunch of my scrambled eggs on toast I announced they were to go Wee wee and get in the car. I went to visit my Mum in the nursing home and dumped them in the near by park. Told then I would pick them up in about an hour.
They enjoyed it . I got peace to.
When do men grow up?
Do they grow up?
Shucks I know the answer to that!
They are still having farting competitions!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

The pole dancing has not been mentioned again. Well not by Steffi, for my colleagues it is another matter! It is amazing how many different puns they can make around the subject of pole dancing. In Steph's defence, she is only 16 and trying to sound grown up (I still do not feel grown up and I am *mumble* over 40!). She did only see it as a form or exercise. I however, could see her pure innocence, being manipulated by the seedy side of life. She will NOT entertain that she is not in control of the horrible people that pry on the vulnerable/innocent. AND I am not going to imagine that she leads a purely innocent life, it is not a case of " my daughter is so pure that she would never do anything wrong" Life is all about learning through mistakes. But this my job is still to guide and persuade and at moments like these. PUT MY BLOODY FOOT DOWN!

OK Round up and round down.
Gee what a week.

The good news that after having part of his Colon removed last week, my lovely Father in Law was released from Hospital this week. Hubby and I went to check he was home on Thursday and found my MIL just about to leave to pick him up so we were really glad that we could go and pick him up and help settle him in at home. The operation went so well that he does not need a colostomy bag and there is a chance that he may need less than the 9 courses of chemo that they have booked for him. I have taken my MIL shopping today and seen him, he is really uncomfortable but glad to be home. He is such a gentle man and I love him dearly. My MIL is beginning to relax.

I took my Dad for breakfast this morning (he paid, I drove). Last weekend my sister and I met him to talk about his drinking, which we reckon and have proof that he is regularly (Daily, )drinking the equivalent of 2 bottles of wine. My sister ( the bossy one of the two of us) has made an appointment with the doc on Monday and I am taking him. (She is meeting us there) She is very well meaning but prone to lecturing. I hope that I have the more gentle approach. However, unless Dad makes the effort himself (which I am not sure he will), then it will all go weird. I hope not. He really worries my , he is looking older and older on a weekly basis , he is Not looking after himself. AND he is just letting everyone do everything for him. It is like he is giving up. I think that that now Mum is in the nursing home, he just does not know what to do with himself. I feel for him I dearly do. He has spent most of his time in the last 10 - 15 years dealing with mum. All that responsibility has now been taken from him and he is lost. He now has to think about how to occupy himself. He took himself in to town on Monday to inspect the new city museum, only to find that it does not open on a Monday.I see that as a more positive act than tackling the drink.

Mum is settling down in the home. It is a lovely home. She is getting used to pottering around her room and the rest of the home. She is getting to know her "neighbours". One is equally a member of the God Squad so she is happy. She watches all the wildlife outside her patio window ( she is in a ground floor room and has a very small patio that will take her wheelchair). She has a pair of wood pigeons that live near her that are so well fed, they are FAT FAT FAT , I call them "the turkeys". Every time I go I get a run down on the activities of " the turkeys". The irony of it all is that now she is being properly cared for, she is fitter than she has been in ages and therefore, a bit too fit for the home.

My Husband is busy trying to finish the bathroom. BUT he spent the last weekend in there trying to tile an alcove around where the bath and shower should be and really did not have him mind on the job ( his Dad had just had the op) looking back he got himself in rather a tizzy and needless to say were are now entering our third week without a bath or shower in the house. Of the tiling that he did do, some of it has fallen off. Looking back - he is not a great talker - he made himself really quite ill trying to sort the bathroom whilst his Dad was in hospital. I can understand that . ( a certain teen aged daughter can not). I am quite used to getting washed at the bathroom sink and doing my hair in the kitchen sink (easier to do there).

We have also run out of money and so things are quite a bit ropey. However last night we met some friends for ONE drink, We could afford this. The boys we met - ex scouts and therefore always seen as boys in my eyes. Anyway the boys, decided we could not go home and so funded our evening out on the understanding that I gave two of them a lift home. I did not realise how drunk Hubby was until we had dropped the last passenger off. He was roaring drunk. REALLY - but funny.... a bit too amorous for my liking if you know what I mean with a drunk man!!!
BUT it has become apparent today how much stress he has been under. He is Hating the bathroom. The fact that every weekend he feels he HAS to go in there and finish it... so I am not going to push him.

However, he is 40 soon and I have arranged something secretly so to speak so I hope that it is completed by then... if not well everyone knows what we are like!

Oh I have had a shite time. The family stuff is really bad enough, but since I last posted I have found that someone that I have to work very closely with does not like my personality. Apparently I am too giddy. I am stuck now, I know that this person is feeling an empty nest syndrome, I know that they are not working where they want to be. But the brunt of all their feelings is being taken out on me. Literally. I am having things thrown on my desk - in my direction, I am having them shout derogatory words at me in front of the class etc.
I have shed tears. Lots of tears. I have sat down with this person and they have been open but to make them happy I have to become ( in my mind) boring. It is a very weird feeling having your personality questioned. It is also a hard thing to change. Should I change it? What should I do? I feel better that I have spoken to them. I feel that I have brought it out into the open .HOWEVER, my contract finishes in July and this person in VERY friendly with the the Deputy Head (the person you have to impress) I do not think I will be staying on in September. I think this person has but an end to any chance that I had of staying on. It is very sad. I love this school - deeply and feel I can help and play a part in the whole community of it .

So there you are.... my round up and round down.
I have drunk a Huge glass of wine whilst writing this...... it is funny how therapeutic writing a blog post whilst drinking a glass of wine can be.

postscript.... in all that has been happening , for some reason I feel that Hubby and I have become a lot closer.... A lot closer.

Monday, 2 March 2009

And you expect me to agree to this?

"Mum you are going to say yes or no"
"Well...... you know *Name* ?
" You do, I am always talking about her, a friend of *boyfriend's name*...."
"Oh right" (Never heard the name in my life
"Well me , her and *three or four other female names that all belong to girlfriend of her boyfriend's friend.*
Well we are...."
"You are not going to London with them"
"No not that"
"Or Manchester"
"or there"
"Or Liverpool..."
"MUM *suitable teenage whine*"
*Garbled really fast but with a conviction that only the stupid and foolish would believe....*Well we thought we may take up pole dancing ...."
"it is good for your muscles"
"NO, NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!"

Hand me the whisky someone I have come over wierd - all of a sudden!