Monday, 10 August 2009

A Domestic Goddess I am NOT!

Given two choices, to clean the house or do anything else in the rest of the hemisphere, I will opt for the later!
It is not that I do not like my House being tidy and clean -I DO!!!!
However I am sick to the bone of tidying up and organising things and then having it all messed up with their stuff. I am sick to the bone of tidying up after THREE adults (even Matty is now 13 - co -ordination, cleanliness and co0operation skills are all a bit poor still).
I resent being laughed at for NOT cleaning the house.
I HAVE lived with approximately 10 yes TEN boxes of tools and other DIY stuff in my bedroom for over a year.
I now have some of that in the kitchen.
I have half my classroom in the lounge and the other half in attic and on the landing ( that is being moved soon)
I am there fore going to IKEA on Friday to find storage solutions for people that will help sort all of this out .

My dad has sold his house. Mum is now in a nursoing home. As it is the school holidays I have been packing up the house for him. Doing some boxes every day. Of course he has been of NOT HELP what so ever, fussing around and annoying us. (that is me being bitter). My sister is heavily pregnant and so happy and I am so happy for her. We need to get this house sorted soon so that she can concentrate on the baby and I start a new job ins September.
My Hubby took a week off work last week so that he could fit a new kitchen for his parents. We are not having a holiday as we have sent both kids on holidays this year that have become very expensive for us. We have also deocrated Matty' bedroom .

But Hey my house is a mess.

oh and going to visit the chemist, ran out of my normal prescription for anti -deps a couple of weeks ago.... thought I could go cold turkey. I am really struggling and loosing control so going to the chemist.
OH here are some pictures of my latest projects.

I am really enjoying doing this

Under the washing just near the chimmney I have a strawberry plant. last year I got three, this year a bowl full . Am going to put the plants into the chimmney for next year.
In this corner there is, Lemon Balm, Sorrel, Chives, Parsley, Lavender, Marjoram, just been given a Rosemary.
Two trays of corriander and Marjoram propigating. (ooo err big word)

Broccoli, Lettuce, Basil, now have Carrots, Corriander, Rocket, Bay, in there too

Tomato and Pepper plants - now have a chillie plant there too.

Bella The Blue Berlingo out side my little house

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Le laquet said...

The garden looks absolutely lovely and you have grown so much produce!! Well done Fi :o)