Saturday, 6 June 2009


Why do I have and empty huge fish tank(the smaller one is full), a box of papers and a wheelbarrow in my living room?

Why, when I ask everyone to put all thier bathroom products in the new cupboards that have been built so the room looks tidy, does my daughter think it does not mean her!

Why does a 13 year mad son think that threatening his parents with a toy basebat when they are are arguing over possession of the duvet and who has the most room on the bed, is going to work!

Driving home from work wearing your shoes on the wrong feet is NOT a good idea (I change my shoes to drive)

Why can I not find a new job?

What is the assumption that any game involving a ball (whatever shape, size or colour) must be watched and take ALL priority on the TV watching of the family.

I tidied Matty's room today.... sick of "nagging" on about it.... I made 58p. Not as good as when I once. found £10 in drawer - unwritten agreement that any money I find that is not in a piggy bank or wallet is mine for being FORCED to tidy up.

Still have an industrial tile cutter plus other assorted tools etc in my bedroom.

My request to have the plug socket mended in my bedroom today has fallen on deaf ears.

White wine is VERY good.

ALSO storing all baby items in my house as it is unlecuky to have them in my sister's house.

Next door have a tortoise called Shadrack Dingle!

planted out my little veg garden . lettuces, broccoli, two courgette plants, two chilli plants and a basil.

Went to a nture reserve and whilst we walking around it , a group of DINGBATS in cars came and had a race around the carpark .... the dusty, sandy YELLOW carpark. Walked back an hour later and saw a yellow cloud rising above the carpark. Got to the car, no dingbats and my car was covered..... COVERED in yellow dust.... laughing stock at work the following day until I got it washed.

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Shammickite said...

You're leading an thrilling life, I don't know how you can stand all the excitement!
But you have to admit, 58p is better than nothing.