Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Thing of Nightmares

or another title should be - Do not order Singapore Fried Rice!

I did. I ordered it . Had it before but last time they must have forgotten to put the chillies in. RAW LUMPS of chilli. Big enough to cause discomfort.....
but small enough to hide amongst all the rice.

I ate it ..... nearly died of chilli burn
What i had not bargined on though was the nightmare at night.

The end result was that ....
well here is the point.
I was face to face with this person holding a gun.
Everytime I dodged the gun it found me
Eventually I dodged and double dodged and with a right hook punched the assassin.
in my case my Hubby who screamed
Swore loudly
and I woke up.
His poor jaw!!!!!
there is not a mark
However he did move to the settee for his saftey.

Thursday, 7 August 2008


well the final stage of the plan is complete, the bathroom has been choosen ordered and the final bits are being delivered tomorrow. Hubby has just started working out the electrics before putting up a false ceiling into which he will recess two spot lights.

The floor was a bargin. The floor is small but even so all the big tile places (we want ceramic tiles) were quoting £100-£150 for it. Ridiculous. In one tile place we found a bargin corner in a dark store room and there were the tiles. Just enough mind you no room for mistakes. They were slightly lighter than we wanted and had a blue taint to them but with white walls and suite we could make that alteration. The cost £20 for the WHOLE floor!!!!!

Then we looked for the bathroom suite and after a tremendous amount of shopping about which we would never have been able to do before with out the car we found out that B&Q had the best offer -40% off. We saved shed loads.
So we are doing quite well.
The hot damp humid weather is not helping the work though poor Hubby.