Saturday, 10 January 2009

Rounding up and balancing the scales.

In the best of therapy they tell you to make a list of the good and the bad.
  1. I am back at work and LOVE it. It is so good to be back. I went in on Monday and I love my class and all my surroundings. I know that all work places have the "politics" but this is me settled. I have a job until the summer holidays and I am hoping that I will be kept on. I am trying my best to do the right thing. To plan correctly, inspire, follow up, assess correctly.... everything that will make them want to keep me on.
  2. The insurance paid out and covered the cost of a new car, plus service package and tax. In fact we made a little profit! I collected it last night and as you will read further on, the timing could not have been better. I managed to get in the car and drive, which is great as I had to get it home. You would not believe that it is the same colour, same year. It is amazing . They rushed it through valeting for me, and then as it was not dry I sat on plastic covers to get it home. My hubby however had a VERY wet bum when I picked him up LOL
  3. As you will see below, I am selling all the books and Cd's and DVDs in the house on Amazon . I have made £300 since 28th DEC. £400 in total. It takes a bit to come though but it is working. You just put in the ISBN number and it comes up and then you press a "sell your copy" button and PUFF you go through the listing process.
  4. Hubby works as a Techie as a profession. He brought home a hand held scanner and so I just scan the bar code into the PC and "Poof" the number appears!!!

The Crap. (condensed)

  1. My Lovely, fantastic FIL has colon Cancer. Starts the chemo this week. We have been told it is treatable. I am really torn up about this. Hubby is in denial. Am concerned for him. He has an op to fit a tube that will feed the chemo into his heart.
  2. My Mum is in hospital again with a urine infection. She has caught the MRSA bug (supper bug). She should be barrier nursed as it is infectious only there is not enough beds for this to happen. The actual infection is on her stomach where her catheter tube enters her pubic/stomach area. Therefore if I touch the sheets etc I must wash and use antiseptic gel provided the hospital to kill the infection so that I do not pass any of it onto my FIL.
  3. We are really short of money. My daughter got loads of money for working over Xmas and also as presents she has given it to us to use as we are so skint. The money for the car was kept on one side for obvious reasons. I will not get paid until the end of Feb. We had to borrow money off my in-laws tonight .
  4. My Dad has decided not to do anything for himself. As I was ill just before Xmas with the crash and everything, I did not get to decorate the house or write his Xmas cards so he did not bother with either. Then on Xmas day my sister and BIL cooked for them (mum was a bit vague and tired).Dad got drunk and ruined their Xmas. The fall out has been awful. Lots of hints that dad has told me is true that I let the family down. I feel shite!
  5. Sister is organising for Mum to go into full time care, and Dad to sell the house and get a one bed flat that he can manage. There is a lot of family politics going on. I have tried to explain that I can not be split in so many ways
  6. My daughter is sitting her mock exams and I want to support her in every way.

I am trying my hardest honestly